General Account Management Controls:

Once you are logged into your account, you can control the following information by clicking on either the Artist Info link or the Profile/Showcase link. Some items can be edited under either page.

Artist Info


How to Login to your artist profile:

1.) Go to

2.) Enter your user name or email address and password.

What if I forgot my password?

1.) Go to

2.) Select Forgot Password, and enter your email address.

3.) Click request a new password and a password recovery email will be sent to you with further instructions to reset your password.

How to change my profile or cover photo:

1.) Go to and login to your account

2.) Once logged in, click on Profile/Showcase or Artist Info. Then, simply click on the cover photo, or profile photo. You will then be able to replace either photo by uploading a new one. 

How to add my social media links, artist bio, website address and art categories:

1.) Go and login to your account

2.) Click on the Artist Info link in the main navigation menu.

3.) From here you can update any aspect of your profile. Remember to save your changes!

How do I manage my 3 showcase photos?

1.) Go and login to your account

2.) Click on the Profile/Showcase button, the scroll down to your showcase. Next to the showcase click “Edit”

3.) From here you can change the order of the photos, delete, or replace the photos as you desire. Please note: The maximum file upload size is 10mb

What Type of Image Files can I Upload?

1.) You can upload PNG and JPEG image files.