Castle Rock Film Festival 2024

April 12/13

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Do you have a compelling story to tell? A documentary from a perspective we’ve never seen or a music video to rock our world? Submit to our festival now. 

This award is given to different film categories selected by judges each year. The Castle Rock Film Festival event and this award are Trade Marked by the Castle Rock Artist Alliance.

Support Veterans and First Responders

By ordering a ticket, you will be supporting our Veterans and First Responders program to help combat PTSD. Learn more about this program by Clicking Here.

Our Purpose

Since 2023 The Castle Rock Film Festival is Colorado’s only festival with a focus on Veteran and First Responder Art Therapy. Every dollar we raise goes to art supplies for Colorado Vets, police officers, EMT’s, Firefighters and Paramedics who want a sense of community and to strive in Art. With categories in Documentaries, Short Films, Experimental films and Music Videos, our festival creates art for the good of the community.

Proudly Supported by CRAA

The Castle Rock Film Festival is support by Castle Rock Artist Alliance. We greatly appreciate their support and take pride in the value our collaboration provides to our community, artists, film makers, Veterans and First Responders and the state of Colorado.

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